Villa Nordklippan

Korppoo, Finland


Project type:
Private Villa

118 m2


Milla Vuorinen, Luoto Arkkitehdit

Milla Vuorinen, Luoto Arkkitehdit

Villa Nordklippan is a private house, a summer cottage,
located in the Archipelago of Turku, only accessible by
boat. It sits in a rugged nature, witnessing beautiful
sunsets, cold north winds and direct sunshine. The
distance from the shoreline is about 38 m and the
altitude from the sea level about 13 m guaranteeing
beautiful views from the lounge areas of the building.

The building is divided into two different types of spaces,
public – livingroom, kitchen and terrace – where it’s
possible to gather together, and private – bedrooms and
toilet – for resting. The public spaces opens to the sea
and has big glass surfaces making nature part of the
interior of the building. The bedrooms then again has forest
views looking at different shapes and sizes scrubby
pine trees of the archipelago.

The L-shaped form of the building creates a good wind
protection against cold north winds to the patio letting
sun shine freely. The shape of the roof is like a flying sea
eagle or a rock formation. The material of the building is log
made out of spruce.