Santtioranta Sauna & Camping

Uusikaupunki, Finland


Project type:
Concept design for a sauna building, campsite & public beach

45 800 m²

City of Uusikaupunki

Milla Vuorinen, Luoto Arkkitehdit

Anu Kuikka, Nystad Sauna Company

Milla Vuorinen, Luoto Arkkitehdit
Anu Kuikka, Nystad Sauna Company

Santtioranta Sauna & Camping is a concept design for a campsite
in Uusikaupunki where at the moment the time has stopped to the 70’s.

Santtioranta is the closest swimming place in the natural waters
for the inhabitants living in the center of Uusikaupunki.
The idea of the concept design is to lure not only locals but also
other travelers to stop and spend a day or night in the area.
Staycations and traveling without flying is a rising trend. Also these
days travelers are more demanding for the quality of the services and
and facilities. The concept design of Santtioranta wants to answer
to those demands.

Santtioranta Sauna & Camping consists of a restaurant and sauna building,
beach as well as a campsite with tiny cottages. Sauna & restaurant building
is designed to be open all year round making the utilization rate of the area
higher and the area more sustainable and worth of investing.

Restaurant & Sauna

Restaurant & Sauna building is the heart of Santtioranta. Public saunas have
become more popular amongst the Finns as well as foreigners traveling to
Finland making it possible to attract local and out-of-town visitors to the area.
The location of the building is essential, it’s next to the area entrance making
the rest of the area more peaceful for camping. Also sun directions are well
thought maximizing the amount on sun and sunset to the cooling off steps
of the sauna. The views from the sauna are directly to the sea making it
possible to enjoy the marine nature of Uusikaupunki in the steam.

The restaurant is designed to be a multi purpose building for a café,
restaurant and reception of the campsite as well as for pop up happenings
like art exhibitions, yoga lessons, lectures, meetings, etc. Between the sea
and the terrace of the restaurant is designed to leave a meadow area
characteristic for Santtioranta.


Beach is designed for swimming and for a playground on the beach as well as
in the water. Next to the beach there are changing cubicles and benches for
sitting. Between the beach and restaurant & sauna building there is a grass
area for different kinds of activities, like games, outdoor movies, etc.

Camping area & cottages

Camping area is designed for tents and caravans. Next to the camping is
located small wooden rentable cottages inspired by the storehouses of
Uusikaupunki and village of Pyhämaa. The cottages are connected together
by a wooden pier like pathway and the tiny huts are located carefully so that
each one has some privacy but not forgetting the sense of community. The
cottages have more closed and private areas for sleeping and more open
areas for hanging with big glass surfaces which are openable extending the
cottages from inside to the patio next to them. During the cold season the
glass protects from the cold air but lets the nature to be visible from inside
the cottage.

Between the cottage and camping area there is a common building and a
picnic park, which serves both areas. The bathrooms, a big common kitchen
and livingroom are located in the building. In the picnic park it’s possible to eat lunch or sit in the evenings under the stars.